The team behind Forward 48

We are a group of passionate Milwaukeeans dedicated to the growth and development of our great city. We find inspiration in Milwaukee's diverse communities, engaged citizens, natural beauty, and infinite potential. We created Forward 48 knowing that our city's leaders are committed to equipping tomorrow's rising talent with the tools and knowledge they'll need to move Milwaukee ever forward.

Forward 48's first cohort is a result of efforts and support from the following organizations:

  • Hoan Group
  • The Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • The Commons
  • Marquette University
  • Milwaukee Business Journal

Hoan Group

Hoan Group is a business leader networking organization that is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hoan is comprised of the most influential, dynamic and diverse leaders from the largest two metropolitan areas in the state: Madison and Milwaukee.

Hoan members are not only leaders in their respective fields and companies, but also in their communities. They have a proven track record of success, high level of community engagement and are passionate, civic minded people.

Hoan members are accepted through invitation only. Hoan’s president and founder is Ian Abston who is also co-founder of Light the Hoan and NEWaukee.

Greater Milwaukee Committee

The Greater Milwaukee Committee is a private sector civic organization who's mission is to contribute to the cultural and economic base of the Metropolitan Milwaukee area. The organization was formed in the late 1940s, and is comprised of leaders in business, the professions, labor, education and philanthropy, nonprofit community development. The Greater Milwaukee Committee has committed to building on its past success and to making Milwaukee the best community to live, learn, work, play and stay.

Forward 48 is facilitated by The Commons, an initiative of the Greater Milwaukee Committee. The Commons crafts unique innovation experiences that develop skills, inspires curiosity, celebrates diversity, produces meaningful impact and builds professional connections.